Obama de facto DREAM Act

This page collects items related to the Obama de facto DREAM Act (announced June 15, 2012), and its evaluation by Open Borders bloggers and other pro-open borders people. The announcement, made by then United States President Barack Obama, basically said that for certain classes of illegal immigrants currently in the United States, he would instruct Department of Homeland Security officials not to deport them, and they would be eligible for two-year work permits. The unofficial name “de facto DREAM act” is because this policy resembles the policies sought for in the DREAM Act, a proposed legislation made a few years ago that did not pass Congress. Another unofficial name for the Obama de facto DREAM Act is the “Obama administrative semi-amnesty” or, in short, “Obama semi-amnesty.” Later, the name “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) was given to a proposed legislation that would ratify this policy.

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