Anti-immigration web resources

US-focused anti-immigration groups and websites

  • VDARE (page about them on Open Borders, official website), a US-focused immigration restrictionist group that prides itself on being “politically incorrect” and “outside the Beltway” and is mostly focused on building the intellectual, philosophical, and popular case against immigration. It features a diverse array of contributors, including widely respected white nationalist Jared Taylor (editor of American Renaissance) and widely respected human biodiversity champion Steve Sailer (prolific blogger at Its founder and chief editor, Peter Brimelow, was previously an editor at Forbes Magazine and also worked at National Review. The site generally slants “paleoconservative” but is generally open to all comers who are willing to argue against immigration to the United States from any perspective. Among restrictionist groups, VDARE is rare for making many anti-immigration arguments, such as IQ deficit based on ethnic IQ differences.
  • Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) (page about them on Open Borders, official website), a US-focused group that bills itself as “low-immigration, pro-immigrant.” Two of its most famous employees are Mark Krikorian and Steven Camarota. Unlike VDARE, CIS is actively engaged in Beltway politics, including trying to influence the shape and form of specific immigration reform proposals at the margin. CIS has more of an “academic” reputation given its focus on number crunching and turning out studies, and is less focused on grassroots activism.
  • Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) (page about them on Open Borders, official website), a US-focused group that focuses on immigration restriction. FAIR produces studies and commentary on the news, but is also involved more directly with grassroots activism.
  • NumbersUSA (page about them on Open Borders, official website), a US-focused group that advocates immigration restriction. NumbersUSA has a page urging people not to bash (legal) immigrants and not to let immigration restrictionism shade into ethnic hatred and anti-immigrant sentiment. NumbersUSA is also focused on grassroots activism.
  • Immigration Reform Law Institute (webpage) describes itself as “America’s only public interest law organization working exclusively to protect the legal rights, privileges, and property of U.S. citizens and their communities from injuries and damages caused by unlawful immigration.”
  • Americans for Immigration Control (webpage)
  • Progressives for Immigration Reform (webpage)
  • Minuteman Project: A Multi-ethnic Immigration Law Enforcement Advocacy Group (webpage)

Here are links to other websites (with no major organization behind them) with a focused anti-immigration stance:

  • Immigration and Politics (webpage)
  • Immigration Counters (webpage) bills itself as the #1 website for real-time illegal immigration statistics.
  • Immigration’s Human Cost: Recognizing the Real Victims of Immigration Anarchy (webpage): a blog-style website that posts about crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

Here are links to regional and state-based anti-immigration initiatives:

  • California Coalition for Immigration Reform (webpage)
  • Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration (webpage)
  • North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement (webpage)
  • Oregonians for Immigration Reform (webpage)
  • Protect Your Texas Border (webpage)
  • Texas Border Volunteers (webpage)
  • Utahns for Immigration Reform (webpage)

Here are some other websites that take an anti-immigration stance as a secondary rather than primary focus:

Non-US and internationally focused anti-immigration groups and websites

  • Limits to Growth covers immigration the world over and its impact on culture. The focus is to a large extent on the United States and Europe.
  • MigrationWatch UK (United Kingdom) (webpage)
  • Immigration Watch Canada (Canada) (webpage)
  • Canadian Immigration Report (Canada) (webpage)

A list of other websites that publish anti-immigration material can be found on the links page of VDARE. Note that the page also includes a few pro-immigration websites or neutral websites.