Anti-open borders people

Many people have argued against open borders. The names of some of these are included below. Links are to pages about them on this website. Note: Some of the writings and videos of these people are excerpted/quoted/embedded/linked to on this website. However, the people listed here are not affiliated with this website or responsible for any content on the website.

Anti-open borders people in academia (including economists, political scientists, and other academic disciplines)

Anti-open borders people working as writers and researchers for think tanks, advocacy groups, and anti-immigration webzines

  • Peter Brimelow, founder and editor of VDARE and author of Alien Nation.
  • Steve Sailer, prolific blogger who is fascinated by topics of human biodiversity, IQ, genetics, race, movies, culture, and politics. Sailer writes for VDARE.
  • Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies.
  • Roy Beck, environmentalist and CEO of NumbersUSA.
  • Michelle Malkin, prolific blogger and writer on contemporary US politics. Her syndicated column occasionally deals with immigration, and appears on VDARE.
  • Pat Buchanan, a US-based paleoconservative political commentator who has, in his books and columns, argued against immigration.
  • Thomas Sowell, an economist and social theorist living in the United States, but whose research includes worldwide and historical research.

Anti-open borders people who are directly involved in politics or government and have used their political or government position to advocate for anti-immigration legislation

Some other people have spoken out against open borders, and have been addressed in blog posts on the Open Borders blog.

  • Victor Davis Hanson has been addressed in the blog post Victor Davis Hanson by Nathan Smith, October 10, 2012.