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Intelligence Squared Debate: Let Anyone Take A Job Anywhere: The “for the motion” side included Bryan Caplan and Vivek Wadhwa. The “against the motion” side included Ron Unz and Kathleen Newland.

Should America Open Its Borders?: a debate with Bryan Caplan and Alex Nowrasteh on the “for” side and Mark Krikorian on the “against” side:

Caplan-Ting immigration debate: a video debate between Bryan Caplan and Jan Ting of CIS on immigration

Open Borders and Western Civilization debate between Bryan Caplan and Dr. Stephen H. Balch:

Bloggingheads video of a conversation/debate between Mark Krikorian, an immigration restrictionist, and Shikha Dalmia, who is generally supportive of expanded immigration.
Immigration Debate: Economics of Immigration Boom or Bust: Debate between Benjamin Powell (pro-open borders) and Richard Lam on immigration

Intelligence Squared Debate: Don’t Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses: The motion was essentially anti-low-skilled immigration. The “for the motion” side included Kris Kobach and Tom Tancredo. The “against the motion” (pro-migration) side included Julian Castro and Tamar Jacoby.

Debate between Jacob Hornberger and Peter Brimelow

The video seems to have disappeared from the Internet.

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