Libertarian case for open borders

Hypotheticals to illuminate the libertarian case

See more hypotheticals here.

What is libertarianism?

Confused about what “libertarian” means? Check out What is Libertarianism? on the website, or the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on libertarianism.

Significance of libertarian case for non-libertarians

The majority of people in the world are not libertarian. Nonetheless, the libertarian case is significant as a partial argument for open borders in so far as many people, including those who are not strict libertarians, believe in a presumption of liberty: it doesn’t make sense to violate people’s rights unless there are some definite benefits. The utilitarian and egalitarian arguments for open borders, which show that open borders on the whole are beneficial, thus complete the argument.


A number of objections have been raised to the libertarian case, both by libertarians (based on different interpretations of libertarian philosophy) and by non-libertarians (who reject libertarian tenets). For more, see objections to libertarian case.

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