Dysfunctional immigrant culture

This argument is fundamentally an argument about harmful cultural characteristics of immigrants to immigrant-receiving countries, which, some restrictionists believe, are the underlying cause of the various other problems, particularly assimilation problems, violence-related (crime and terrorism), and political externalities.

It’s to be noted that some restrictionists, such as Mark Krikorian, have rejected a simplistic version of this and have instead argued that the problem is really a skills mismatch and a mismatch in attitudes and expectations as well as roadblocks to assimilation posed by elites in modern society.

There are many aspects of immigrant culture that are considered dysfunctional. Some of these are listed below.

  • Religion is often at the top of the list, both the tenets of the religion followed and the degree of religiosity, as well as toleration of other religions.
  • Norms about day-to-day interactions with strangers, and degree of reliance on violence a a means of dispute resolution.
  • Views about family values, family roles, marriage, parent-child interaction.
  • Work-related norms, including norms about honesty in the workplace.

See also immigrant assimilation to political values and beliefs.