Deportation to Africa

Opponents of immigration argue that immigrants commit more crime. There is considerable debate about this matter.

However, getting beyond the specifics of the debate is a deeper moral question: if a certain identifiable subgroup of the population has a higher crime rate than the population at large, and that subgroup of population “originated” from some other country, is it acceptable to “deport” them to that country?

A specific illustration makes this very concrete:

In the United States, Hispanics have a somewhat higher crime rate than non-Hispanic whites, whereas blacks have a notably higher crime rate than both Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites. (Other groups, such as East Asians and Indians, have crime rates equal to or lower than those of whites). See Wikipedia’s page on race and crime for background information.

Restrictionists look at the somewhat higher crime rates of Hispanics (many of whom are “second-generation immigrants”) compared to non-Hispanic whites, and conclude that illegal Hispanic immigrants must be deported back to their countries of origin.

By this logic, an even more reasonable proposal would be to consider mass deportation of blacks to Africa.